About Us

Our family lives in California. We are a family of five that loves the beach, but the mountains hold a special place in our hearts. Nothing beats being surrounded by tall trees, mountains and the only sounds you hear are birds and  t14540634_1842534169344655_9159908058195820544_nhe rush of the river. My husband grew up near Sacramento, California and I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. Both of us love to be out in nature- especially the mountains.

We are the third generation in the family to own this cabin. It holds a special place in our hearts!! My husband grew up coming here as a child and now we bring our kids here. It’s one of our favorite vacation spots. Often times, their cousins and aunt and uncle come and join us- lots of space for more than just one family. We hope you will enjoy it as much as us and want to come again and again.